I don’t think people understand just how precious and beautiful this relationship is. He doesn’t force her into anything, he doesn’t grab her and lock her away. He talks to her, he tries to get through to her and make her see sense because he understands her in ways that most people don’t. The way he touches her face, the way he kisses her forehead - these are all simple forms of affection and he uses it to show that he’s only mad because he’s just trying to look out for her because he loves her so much. And when he asks her to fight for her own life, she does. She chooses to fight for it, and at the end of the day it was her call to make. Her free will, her freedom of choice. He just persuaded her which is a parallel of when Elena managed to get through to him and convince him to keep on fighting and not give up 1x20. “It’s your choice”  are the words she said to him as she walked away fighting back tears, and he found it in him to make the right choice because of her. They are each others champions, rocks and above all they save each other emotionally. That kind of love never dies. 

This is the relationship I support and always will, til the very end. Stelena endgame.

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omg i am laughing so hard at the Miss Universe costume category


you got poland lookin nice


Namibia workin it


Costa Rica goin big, what did you expect


Haiti fuckin rockin it


Great Britain got damn


Switzerland hell yeah

and then


….Miss USA.

we had to be a fucking transformer

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lol she was in line for 10 minutes

Oh my God

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What did you just say?

this is seriously like the best thing about dogs

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my  b e s t  friend.

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